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 Recreation center “Sunnyto” is situated on the high bank of the river Oka.


The bank is covered with virgin forest and all the buildings of our center “Sunnyto” are perfectly fit in with the surrounding nature. 

Among the pines and birches in the south part of the territory you’ll find 7 cosy cottages where we can accommodate up to 12 people. There’s also a small hotel of 24 double rooms. The restaurant is located in the middle of our grounds. A magnificent view of the river and the far bank opens from the restaurant’s windows as well as from the cottages. 

Two staircases lead to the beach.  The beach has sun beds. There are quiet fishing places far from the beach. The springs of pure water give a very special mood to the riverside.

A playground for children is located close to the middle part of the territory. Further north there are playgrounds for volleyball, football and badminton. 

In different place on the center’s grounds there are verandas, open or with lean-to suitable for barbecue.

And the final touch – traditional Russian bathhouse surrounded with pines on the high riverbank.



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