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Corporate Events,

Celebrations, Festivities

Traditionally corporate events are aimed at the establishing of the non-formal and friendly communication among staff. We propose a unique contemporary approach to the corporate events: to take rest, to communicate with each other, and review what is usually missed along running days – what is effectiveness of my participation in my own life and in the life of a company?

We practice an individual approach to the corporate events and weekends.

Special events and celebrations


The first floor of the restaurant “Sunnyto” is a perfect place for special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, we’ll make an individual programme for the occasion and provide proper menu. 

The magnificent panoramic views from big windows will add special unforgettable touch to you event.

If you need to organize a workshop or business training the restaurant area could be easily transformed into a conference hall. We provide all the necessary equipment. 


Our chief cook developed a special children’s menu and you baby will always be full and happy.

In winter time our young guests can spend their time in a cosy children’s house where our stuff will entertain them. 

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