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Individual and Family Programms

We propose absolutely new approach to the recreation. Traditionally weekends and holidays are the opportunity to escape from everyday bustle. And what if recreation is not only a chance to escape but also possibility to open other a new point of view to the world and to yourself?



All the time games, painting, performances for children with tutors

Seminars of Nina Piotukh Welcome to the talk

Only weself know what life we want to live 
and what compromise we follow 
running away from our heart desires.

– What do I realise in my life? who’s ideas? who’s dreams?

– What determine the choice which I make every moment of my life – what decisions to follow, what aims to aspire to, with whom to be beside?

– What am I really want? How to see?

– What are my emotions? What is “negative” emotion and “positive” emotion? What drive me when I’m trying to balance “negative” emotion and come to “positive”?

– What feedback do I verify with?


The aim is:

To release stress in present and past times
To understand myself in the communication with other people
To return of my true image
through the recovery of the contact with myself


In the course of the talk:
The emotion of the current moment will be tested, discovered and corrected for each participant.


If necessary individual session is possible for the deeper examination of the situation and revealing of other perception of myself and the situation.


Nina Piotukh
PhD in History,
European Academy Award,
3in1 concept facilitator


For Firms and Corporations

Traditionally corporate events are aimed at the establishing of the non-formal and friendly communication among staff. We propose a unique contemporary approach to the corporate events: to take rest, to communicate with each other, and review what is usually missed along running days– what is effectiveness of my participation in my own life and in the life of a company?

We practice an individual approach to the corporate events and weekends. 


All the time games, painting, performances for children with tutors

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